Bathroom Ideas

Bought a new home? Or just planning to renovate it? Well, the most important part of your abode is the bathroom! No, it doesn’t matter if your house has secret chamber or if it can fly with the balloons, bathroom is a must. But what if it doesn’t match with your personality? Let’s go through some ideas to embellish your bathroom.

Statement Tub

Striking freestanding marble tub or a vintage copper tub, either way, it should be the spotlight of your bathroom. It is kind of obvious for large bathrooms to have a huge bathtub, but sometimes giving it a weird shape, playing with its material or color to match with your essence is all you need to get a beautiful effect.

Botanical Bathroom

Really? Yes, you can add flowerpots or small plants to the corners. You can also establish a vertical garden to one of your walls. These are a great option for those who aren’t endowed with a garden view, nor have space for an internal courtyard. The living flora adds a fresh touch to the decor scheme and balances out the colorful tile border.

The Ceiling

Do not forget that your ceiling is the fifth wall. You can either add striking patterns or add a false ceiling over it and play with the lights to give you relishing essence even at warm bathing nights. You can also add embellishers like small chandeliers, lamps, a show piece, etc. to enhance the beauty.

The Mirror

What’s a bathroom without a mirror? It is one of the most versatile objects you can find in your bathroom to play with its shape and size. If you have a sink attached to a window and you want to have a view, you can attach the mirror to the ceiling and let the long mirror sleek over the sink. You can use the standard mirror case which opens as a storage or add beautiful lightening behind it. Play with the shape, make it round, square, abstract or an amoeba. 

The Walls

Another versatile character of your bathroom. Don’t shy away from the wallpapers. You can cover the wall with the paper and half can be plaster. One should always keep the color scheme while choosing a plain paint. Light colors make the room look big (best for small bathrooms) and dark colors make the room look cozy (bets for large bathrooms). Use patterns, cheerful colors or let the natural bricks or stones be exposed. Exposing stones or bricks gives it a textured feel. Textured feature walls transform an average space.

The Floor

We are done with the ceiling and the walls, now the floor. Essentially, we should keep in mind that the floor should not be slippery as most of the time the water is all over it. Tile is the most popular bathroom surface. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are excellent choices for bathrooms. Tile flooring is sturdy, waterproof, and comes in a wide range of colors and designs. It is much less expensive than other hard surface options. Vinyl is an excellent option for bathroom flooring. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and vinyl roll are two examples of vinyl products (also known as sheet vinyl). They’re long-lasting, moisture-resistant, simple to clean and maintain, and comfortable to walk on.

The Accessories

This section includes your shelves, dispensers, towel handles, etc. You can add cabinets made from marbles or wood touch to the ceiling. Once can also add floating seating in the shower. Adding a division with a glass wall to separate the bathing area and sink. People also add artistic elements like paintings or artefacts. Adding small pebbles under the sink or to the bathing area just diversifies your bathroom. Curtains, dramatic lightning, clock, fireplace, etc. can give you luxuries feel to it.

An off-beat setting

This is for the ones who don’t want to follow the convention. You can set your bathroom outdoors, into the courtyard. Or one can have an offbeat setting of their tub and sink to give it a quirky abstract look. Painting the floor, adding chairs, adding a theme like goth or cottage core, keeping books or edible items, etc., making it as weird as you can be. This not only adds fun to your bathroom, but it will also make it unique according to your taste and personality.

Bathroom designing can be a hectic work, but once you get the vision, this artistic piece is yours. Playing with the architecture, the wallpapers, adding details just makes the ordinary bathroom, a place that you never want to leave.

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