Bedroom Color Ideas


Colors have a major role in our lives.

One expresses oneself through color. Choosing the right colors for your home can make all the difference in lifting your mood and setting a scene. The colors you choose can revamp the look of your home. Color can make or break a space depending on the combinations. The color combination you choose for interior walls influences your family.

Here are a few best color combinations for your home.

Pastel colors

Pink, mauve, and baby blue lacking strong shade does a whole transformation. The pastel colors blend amazingly together. Using pastel colors will give a distinct look and feel to your home. These colors flaunt the soft, neutral, and soothing nature of your home. It can make the best painting color combination for children’s rooms.

Red is the Touch of Passion

Create a living room that can turn heads! These contrasting shades bring out a feel of light and shadow with striking colors.

The use of analogous living room wall colors like yellow and red together creates an interesting contrast that keeps things interesting. Spice up your bedroom with sizzling rich red design ideas for a touch of passion.


Purple and Gunmetal Grey

Purple mixed with grey makes your home interior look more sophisticated and dignified. The outward nature of purple rightly blends with a neutral grey. This combination in your living room speaks volumes about your exquisite taste. This color combination will be a new trend that anyone can fall in love with.

Soft Pink and Turquoise

This shade is a bold color combination for your home. It gives a bright and lustrous look to your home. It is one of the versatile color combinations for walls. It works well with several design styles in your home interiors.

Blue is The Parisian Flavor

Showcase your creative genius by converting a small space into a stylish room. A Parisian-inspired blue color will allow you to work wonders with design ideas.

Aquarium Blue and Grape

This unique color combination will infuse vibrant and playful energy. These colors are vibrant with a joyful and enthusiastic vibe that can change the nature of any dull room. This color can illuminate even the lightless space in your home. This playful and bright color combination can be everything your home needs.

Cheer Up Your Spirit

Bring home the happiest color in the spectrum. Yellow is the brightest color to your room and can lift your spirit. It can cheer one up and is best used in hall painting design ideas. Use bright and happy yellow to cheer up your living room and bring a new joy into socializing. Yellow’s hue always brings a smile. A statement wall painting with rustic accents gives a unique spin to this traditional color.

Gold and White are a Classic

You can never go wrong with classic home wall paint design ideas. Embrace a classic combination of gold and white which imbibes your style into it for a unique touch. Take away the monotony by using an earthy shade of whites on your walls

Lavender is the color of Peace and Paradise

Lavender is the Shades of Tranquility. Its accents create an ambiance of plushness and relaxation.

Shades of the same color can create a magical ambiance, that’s the power of color combinations. These lavender variants can be mesmerizing! The contemporary looks this color gives out is charming and funky at the same time.

Blue and Yellow Pair

Blue and yellow make an electric pairing. Vivid blue and warm yellow make your interiors look more exciting and dynamic. This combination is most suited for study rooms, as yellow enhances memory.

Navy blue and White

With blue taking center stage and accents of white, this color combination is the most minimalistic. This color combination adds a new perspective to your home. It makes your room look clean and elegant. This combination makes your room look spacious and stimulates your appetite.

The Goodness of Nature

We always tend to feel calm while sitting in a park. It is the trees that ease our mood and makes us feel fresh and calm. The same can be applied to the combination of earthy brown and green in your walls. This combination makes you feel fresh and append a natural ambiance to your home. Wake up in the lap of nature by imbibing gorgeous shades of green room color combination in your bedroom. Green is a color that nourishes and promotes growth. This is enough to uplift your mood!

Use these ideas to come up with a home you crave to live in.

Happy Decorating!

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