10 Things to Enhance Your Bedrooms Instantly!


At the end of your day, you would always prefer to feel relaxed in your own space and that’s when you crave for “Bedroom”. Designing your personal space is also a kind of craving for many. Creating a new interior or renovating existing, there are some tips to enhance and upgrade your bedroom design which would give a new look to your whole room. 


1. Style of interior

There are numerous styles for bedroom interiors like art deco, bohemian, industrial look, modern and the list goes on but a bedroom should depict the personality and the style of the owner, so choosing a style is totally on the preferential level which would vary from person to person. There could be an amalgamation of many styles too. 

2. Using Just Right Colors!

Colors are the first thing that any person sees in a room, so choosing the right color is very important to get the effect of the style of interior. There are broadly 2 tones for any room, one is a subtle tone that includes pastel colors for walls and furniture and the other is the loud tone which includes dark wall colors with contrast color of the furniture. To have a soothing and calm effect subtle tones could be used and for dramatic effect dark colors are perfect! 


3. Designing Perfect Headboard

Any bed has its effect enhanced mainly due to its headboard designs. Giving abstract patterns and textures on it with different materials defines a look. By just contrasting the headboard color in the room would give more emphasis on it. LED lights on the headboards are the latest trends as they illuminate the room aesthetically. 

4. Making it appear bigger than usual

Ever wondered how a room smaller in size appears bigger to eyes? The answer is mirrors and glass. By adding some mirrors on the walls for aesthetics and covering the cabinets with glass can make a huge difference to the eye. As mirrors create an illusion of depth and hence the space looks way bigger than it is.  

5. Giving the bedroom a length

Giving an illusion of height is another factor to make a bedroom appear bigger than its actual size. To achieve this illusion curtains and rugs are the major part, the longer the curtains are more would be the illusion of height and they need to be hung at a certain height. Similarly, rugs define a certain area which gives a cleaner look to the overall interior.    

6. Right shape and size of bed

A bed is the main element of the bedroom, well obviously! There are various sizes of bed and even shapes like circular or oval, but a bed should be in proportion to the room that is not so big yet not too small. A big room can be perfect for a king size and queen size but smaller room beds which are of smaller size are good. 

7. Lighting effect in the bedroom

The most important aspect of any bedroom is its lighting scheme. Lighting in false ceilings, lamps, wall lights is essential to illuminate the whole room. Lighting colors like warm white, soft white glow, and neutral glow is most commonly used to bring out the aesthetic effect. Some of the colored lights are used to enhance a specific corner or an element.    


8. Additional small furniture


Aside from basic furniture in the bedroom, some small and aesthetical furniture is also necessary to give a certain look. Small stools for dressers, a small couch in front of the bed, and some extra sitting chairs and artifacts on the floor can be a way of decorating your bedroom. 

9. Effective artifacts

Abstract paintings, fancy ceiling fans, decorative lamps, bookshelves would eventually bring life into your bedroom. Huge wall hangings can also be an option to create a Boho look for the room.  

10. Make it lively through plants

An indoor plant makes the room fresh and breathable even if they are artificial they would create a fresh vibe in the atmosphere of the room. Small plants are always suitable for any kind of bedroom.  

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