5 Ways To Make Your Interiors Awe-inspiring

1. Minimalistic style

If you want a clean, elegant, and chic look for your space with less furniture and decorative elements then minimalistic is the perfect style of interior for it. A minimalistic look gives a sense of calmness to the room through its simplicity. Basic furniture acts as decorative elements in these kinds of interiors where natural light, as well as artificial lights, enhance the overall theme

Minimalistic themes have certain colour schemes, for instance, most of the minimalistic interiors would have a colour palette containing majorly whites and shades of brown as these colours bring more light and make spaces appear bigger than they are but on the other hand to have a focused effect different pastel shades can be used like beige or peach and for dramatic effect dark colours could be used on a single wall to maintain the calmness of the space. 

2. Bohemian

Bohemian style is just like an abstract painting with different colours and patterns in a single frame. In this more focus is driven to the artifacts rather than the furniture. Instead of using expired woodworks, the bohemian style consists of exposed thread works like jute wall hangings and furniture covered with some fabrics. This style is just the opposite of the minimalistic style; it has more decorative elements and furniture with some indoor plants creating an effect of nature inside your home.

Colour palette of bohemian has more amounts of browns than whites, majorly shades and tints of browns are used as it matches with the decorative elements 


3. Traditional

To give a royal touch to a house, traditional ornamentations and furniture would work best for these kinds of interiors. As India is rich in cultural diversity which gives us more options for the kind of cultural aspect that our spaces can depict for instance with the help of jali patterns and jharokhas; Rajasthan can be depicted as well as with just some paintings on the wall can also turn any modern style interior into a traditional style. These kinds of interiors get enhanced majorly through warm colour lightings. 


These kinds of interiors generally have a defined colour pallet of off-whites, shades, and tints of yellow with some light as well as dark brown furniture. 

4. Industrial style

An open apartment or house with no partition walls would be more efficient with an industrial kind of interior. It consists of exposed construction features like pipes of wire on ceiling exposed brick walls with no plaster; giving a rustic look to the overall interior. The surfaces of the walls are unfinished to create an effect. These kinds of interior styles are cheaper than the others, as it does not require high quality finishes which reduces the overall cost. 

Industrial styles generally consist of darker colours for interiors, colours like dark grey, browns, even some of it uses black too. As the style uses darker colours so it is advisable to create this style in bigger spaces.  


5. Contemporary style

The most commonly used style nowadays is the contemporary style which defines clean lines, shapes, and patterns which enhances the aesthetics and brings symmetry into the space. In these kinds of interiors, more focus is tilted towards the colours rather than things. With the right type of colour combination, the overall look of the space appears to be sleek and brings fresh vibes into the atmosphere. 

There are no such fixed colours that could be used in contemporary style, every colour has its freshness and vibe which depends on the preferences of the user; what they want to feel in that space.

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