Home interior color ideas

Selecting color schemes for home interiors is fairly a huge task. It is important to choose a color scheme that reflects our personality and moreover gives us a sense of comfort and calmness. Some of the color schemes we’ve created below to help you choose from –

1. Vacation look –

To give your interiors a vacation look, there exists a wide range of tonal blues to choose from. Along with you can choose matching curtains and furniture to make the look more refreshing and relaxing. With the blue shade of the wall, adding tranquil colors like golden could help it becomes less overwhelming.

2. Golden reflections –

Giving your interiors a warm and golden tone would look very inviting and a way to enjoy old-fashioned conversations. Warm colors like caramel, topaz, or wheat are great to pull your room together and give your room an open and airy feel.

3. Beach style –

Sandy beige tones of paint give the feel of comfort. From the reference image as you can see, adding furniture and other accessories with similar tones create a soft harmony look. And to give a decorative edge you can add some contrasting elements.

4. Uptown way –

So giving an uptown way, that is giving a sophisticated look to your room, it could be done by adding ice-cream shades to it. Ice cream shades include vanilla color or the strawberry tone, it provides the room a warm cozy look.

5. Elegance edition –

To give your room an elegant look, add monochromatic tones of colors. Add furniture and elements with some floral texture to provide a side of earthy vibe to the room. A few color combinations include celadon and espresso.

6. Spice and nice look –

Autumn colors are the way to give your room a nice, fresh, and spice look all-around the year. Colors like red, orange, and gold are some of the colors that harmonize the area as they lie next to each other on the color wheel.

So if you’re building up your new house or renovating it, try to test out new possible color schemes by planning your entire color scheme of the house. Incorporating different patterns and shades is something one should always give a try as it also helps to enhance the room space. Some of the points to consider for the same are –

  • Make sure to check the color combinations of adjacent rooms and plan accordingly such that all of the spaces are visible.
  • Choose at most 4 core colors and create a combination having a dominant color.
  • While selecting a pattern, don’t mix more than two patterns. Ensure that the pattern matches the color combination of your room to avoid any sort of dramatic look.
  • As the wall color is the focal point of the room, make sure to test it in a small patch. It helps you to think if you like it or not, as the paint dries one or two shades darker.
  • Keep a color tone ready in your mind before. The general rule that is preferred is using three different values of colors, that is, light, medium, and dark. The walls and floor in light colors, furniture in dark, and giving a medium shade to the small furniture pieces and window coverings to help pull out the room together.


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