How to maintain your painted wall

We always make sure to keep the floors at our home clean enough, but what about the walls? Although the newly painted walls don’t have the dust the way the floors will have, over a certain period, it may gather dust and stains. So, it is important to maintain your painted walls, and that also gently to not damage the paint. Below are some steps to maintain your painted wall to ensure it looks flawless as long as possible.

1. Gather the right tools –

Before starting off to clean your walls, ensure that you have soft dust mops and sponges to use. Use materials that won’t scratch the paintwork.

2. Dust the walls –

The first stage to start is by cleaning the excess dust that might be present on the surface of your walls. Use a fine cloth or a soft broom to reach out to all the corners of the wall to remove the dirt.

3. Wash the walls –

To wash your walls, in a bucket take some cleaning solution and water. Then with a soft sponge apply the solution to the walls and clean up very gently so that the paint doesn’t get torn off. Make sure that you don’t over soak the sponge as it might leave water stains on the walls.

After this leave the walls for 10-15 minutes and get another bucket with clean water to rinse off the soapy solution from the wall.

4. Clean the stains –

If you have stains on your painted wall, then use the traditional method of cleaning, which is using a dash of vinegar to clean off the stubborn stains. All you must do is in a bucket full of water add some vinegar, and then with a soft sponge gently clean the walls.

For kitchen walls where the painted walls might be a little greasier, you can use a mild degreaser agent. Ensure that the degreaser is not made up of any harsh chemicals as it might leave marks on the wall. Follow the same process of mixing it up with water and cleaning the wall gently.

5. Clean the spots –

If the above solutions don’t help to take off the stains, then you always have baking soda to your rescue. Make a mixture of baking soda and water and apply it softly with a cloth on the wall to remove the stains. It will also help to take off any crayon or pen marks from the wall. Even the baby wipes and makeup removers are effective in removing these old spots from your painted walls.


Clean painted walls make your house look great and can even protect you from the exposure of negative health impacts. Always ensure to invest in high-quality shades of washable paint so that it protects the house from UV rays by curbing the incoming sunlight and later is easy to clean also. We hope that the above-given points will help you out to maximize the longevity of the paint and elevate your investment.

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