Paint Your Home Just Like a Canvas

One thing that every eye gets attracted to is colors! And yes paint is the medium to give character to colors. The right kind of paint is necessary to enhance that specific color, as a single color can make or break the aesthetic of a space. Moreover, choosing the right color palette for the right space is an important aspect because every space has its mood which is somewhere depicted through colors. Colors play a psychological game in your brain through warm and cool colors, for instance, red color instigates active mood whereas green or blue brings calmness similarly each room needs to have a color specific to its activity. 

On the other hand, paints are an essential element in interior designing that can bring visual effect through its appearance and textures. Different types of painting require a different process to bring out the original color. Painting is an instant mode of modification in the spaces; just painting a single wall of a space can change the entire effect of the room irrespective of color and texture. Paints can be categorized based on their texture and the procedure of applying them to the wall. 


There are various types of paints for uplifting the interiors:

1. Matte Finish

Matte finish paints have no shine and are currently in demand for the contemporary and minimalistic style of interiors. It has a high coverage rate for the walls as well as on furniture too. It requires fewer coats as compare to other paints which makes it cheaper for usage. Using matte paint in right place is important as it does not resist water or moisture, dining rooms and ceilings are the perfect places to use these kinds of paints.

2. Satin

Satin paints are most commonly used and as the name suggests it appears like a satin fabric with an average amount of shine on the surface. Due to its shin coat, its resistance towards water and moister is greater than that of matt finish paints. Kitchen, common halls, family rooms are some of the spaces where these kinds of paints could be used due to their cleaning properties. 

3. Eggshell

Eggshell paint is an amalgamation of matte and satin paints, when applied to a wall it would appear as a matte finish but it would have some amount of glossiness in it which could not be seen. These paints are great in terms of aesthetic and would generally be used in spaces like living rooms, entry hallways, common rooms, and even in bathrooms where there is a chance of getting in contact with dirt on walls and also with water or moisture.


4. Semi-gloss

Semi-gloss paints are very shiny and are more reflective than satin and eggshell paints. These pants as majorly used in kitchen and bathroom spaces as they have high stain resisting properties and are easy to clean walls even with wet cloth or water. Semi-gloss paints can hide any mistake or a flow on the wall and gives a smooth finish. These paints last for a longer period which eventually becomes cost-effective and durable. 

5. High-gloss

High gloss paints are the shiniest paint among the others. These paints are washable and are generally used on furniture like cabinets and as well as on walls. For applying these paints, skilled labor is essential so that it does not leave any brush marks after drying. Highly gloss paints can be used outdoors too as they have properties of resisting moisture and dust and can work under any climatic wear and tear. 

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