DIY ideas for home décor

Many of us want our homes decorated in the best possible ways. But spending that much amount of money can be a bit overwhelming. The most practical way out to decorate your home is to do make DIY (Do It Yourself) stuff. It doesn’t even make your pocket heavy and gives your home a beautiful look also. Some of the trendy DIY ideas we have curated below –

1. Floating shelves –

We all have some wooden or metal pieces kept in our house. Better not sell it to the scrap because you can use them as shelves in your house. Today floating shelves are found in almost every house as they look elegant and give a minimalistic effect to the room. These pieces could be easily attached to walls with the help of super glue or by drilling.

2. Hanging glass bottle –

If you have old glass bottles stacked, you can make use of them in your garden area. For this, take an old glass bottle, tie around some jute thread to hang it. Put in some cactus plant or some small stem plants with water. But make sure to change the water inside every week or else algae may develop.

3. Origami home décor –

The ancient Japanese art known as origami is not only for play school kids. It can also be used for the beautification of walls. Creating origami requires a lot of precision and patience but it yields wonderful art pieces. Many surveys have even proved that origami helps to release stress and anxiety too.

4. Pressed flower frame –

It’s hard to discard away beautiful and old flowers. So turn them into a decorative frame by arranging these dried flowers. Take some of the colorful flowers, trim them accordingly, and store them for few days in a book or a newspaper for about 15 days. Once the flowers are dried, add them between glass frames and hang them on a wall or a window. You can also keep it as a showpiece.

5. Colorful glass jars –

We have a lot of glassware stored in our cupboards, so instead of throwing away the glass containers of food and drinks, recycle them to enhance the beauty of your house. You can repaint the old and used glass jars and organize them on sidewalls or use them again as containers.

6. Homemade candles –

Homemade candles are a great addition to your home décor. Candles can be easily made by using essential oils and some fragrances. They provide warmth, coziness, and light to every little space of your house. One of the great combinations is to add orange blossom with clove and adding lavender with white musk.

7. Coconut shell planter –

Why throw away the used coconut shell? Use it as a planter and some greenery to your house in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. All you must do is drill out some holes in the shell to tie up the thread to hand the planters, then plant in some small houseplants.

Just because you’re short of your budget, it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate your home. We hope you find the above-mentioned DIY ideas helpful and creative.

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